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Underground Utilities Underground utility installation is one of Royal T Enterprises specialties; with crew capabilities ranging from open field pipe installation to complex urban reconstruction projects.  Any Excavation Contractor can stick a piece of pipe in the ground, but after that pipe is covered and out of sight, it must withstand the test of time. Underground utilities must be installed with laser precise accuracy, using advanced instruments to project grades. To coordinate with existing buried utilities and provide proper flow. Royal T Enterprises Inc, installs miles of pipe every year with just that, precision.  These pipes range in all sizes and include culinary water distribution, sanitary sewer, and storm drains to name a few.  Regardless of the size or type all pipe receives the same attention to detail as the next. By staying on top of the latest technological solutions, we have the equipment and experience necessary to install the pipe right where it needs to be.  Landscaping, heavily wooded areas, paved surfaces and other obstacles can remain untouched without digging at the surface.  The use of directional drilling and jack and boring results in reduced cost, time, and disruption the surrounding area. In this demanding field, Royal T Enterprises Inc, is noted for speed, safety, and uncompromised quality.  Some of the specialized utility installations include the following: Box culverts and creek diversions Storm drains Emergency municipal main repairs Con Span bridges Specialized sanitary sewer reconstruction Other Underground Services: Water: o Culinary Water Systems Commercial and Private o Water Vaults o Water Main Hot Taps o PRVs o Spring Development o Irrigation Water Systems o Affluent Water Systems o HDPE Fusion Pipe Sewer o Sewer Mainline Systems Commercial and Private o Manhole Tie Ins o Pour in Place Manholes o Residential Sewer Lateral Repair o Septic System Installs and Repair Power, Telephone & Cable TV o Power, Telephone, CATV Commercial and Private o Conduit Installation o Trenching and Bedding for Direct Bury CIC ( Cable in Conduit) o Power and Telephone Vaults o Street Lights Storm Drain o Storm Drain Systems Commercial and Private o ADS, RCP, Precast Box Culvert o Curb Inlet Boxes o Manholes o Wing Walls o Rip Rap of Outlets or Inlets W/ Armoring